Accurate market information

The EU Cabletray Marketmeter is an initiative of DBSC Consulting, including founding fathers in the Metal Cabletray markt as Legrand, OBO Bettermann, PUK Werke, and Schneider-Electric to develop an accurate Marketinformation system for all EU-countries inclusing Norway and Switzerland.

The first Cabletray Marketmeter has been published on May 29, 2015 with market data over 2014.

On June 1, 2015 a 1st European Cabletray Conference has been organized at Sheraton Schiphol Amsterdam.

This is an open Conference that is accessible to every company that is interested in the developments of the Cabletray market in Europe.

Open system

Every company active as manufacturer in the Metal Cabletray Market in Europe is invited to join the EU Cabletray Marketmeter. The EU Cabletray Marketmeter is an open system for manufacturers of Metal Cabletray in Europe. The developed data in the EU Cabletray Marketmeter are only available to companies that participate in the EU Cabletray Marketmeter and will not be sold to other parties.

In line with EU Competition Law

Guiding principles for developing the EU Cabletray Marketmeter to be in line with EU Competition Law:

1: There must be at least 3 companies active in every reported product category, of which the smallest one must have a market share of at least 10%.

2: No company shall have a market share of 80% or more in any product category or country. If this would be the case, countries and/or product categories shall be combined.

3: There shall be no information in the market meter including both volume (kg) and turnover (€), because that would enable calculation of prices.

4: Any discussion between participants on the results presented in the market meter is strictly prohibited and is safeguarded by the presence at each meeting of the market meter participants of a lawyer specialized in EU competition law.

Meet the MarketMeter team

DBSC Consulting develops and realizes since 2004 on request of Industry-Associations or at its own initiative,  independent Marketmeters. These Marketmeters provide on a periodical basis (Quarterly or Annually) insight in the development of turnover, in relevant market segments for our principals. We develop these Marketmeters through a co-ordinated effort, by creating trust and confidence amongst market-competitors that their sensitive data are in safe hands. A Marketmeter offers quantitative insight so that participants in a Marketmeter can develop their own individual measures towards a successful future. 

Your question:

"How can an industry-segment obtain accurate insight in quantitative market developments, so that market participants can adjust their strategic choices on the quantitative developments in the market, without sharing sensitive competitive information with each other"

Our objective:

Based on solid research and creation of a platform of trust between the most important market stakeholders in that industry-segment, we will define together with you an optimal solution for your own Marketmeter.  And of course we will realize this Marketmeter at a periodical basis.

Our results:

Solid and trustworthy data about quantitative market developments

Standardized reporting formats

Insight in your competitive position versus the market

"No surprises" - fixed costs for the participating companies

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